Website Maintenance VS Website upgrade

The idea for most companies out there is that they wouldn’t know the first thing about maintaining their website.  This is true for the most part, but not because they aren’t web designers with html and PHP knowledge, and not because they don’t want to.  It’s because the company that designed their website, either didn’t build it on a CMS(Content Management System) allowing the client to be able to update his website on his own, or they never showed the client how his CMS works.  Because face it, the last thing any web developer wants to do, is update a static website every month by digging into HTML pages and uploading them again.  The web has evolved and there is no point in keeping the client ignorant about what is happening out there.  Of course if it is the client’s choice to be ignorant and let you update his ancient website at R350 an hour, then so be it, but any great web design company should at least try to educate his client on the smart, and most times, cheaper way to do things.

Sadly, often the client is to blame no matter how much you educate them.  We have had many clients who would rather fix a website with duct tape and Pritt, than let us redo their whole site to make it hip, happening, SEO friendly and editable, when the price would have had no difference.  In one instance the client spent a whole lot of money on getting us to upgrade his archaic website and in the end submitted to letting us upgrade it anyway.  Now they have spent so much money on their site that it leaves no budget left over for SEO.  And unfortunately without SEO the site is just another pixel in a High Definition ocean.

So what I’m trying to say is that there’s no point in beating a dead horse.  If your site is old and in need of an update consider the costs of just maintaining it to updating it and then being able to maintain it without having to pay the developer. Webfanatix wants to see a beautiful web with smart website owners doing their own thing.  We just want to help businesses empower themselves with the latest technology.

Johan Marneweck

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