Search Engine Optimization

Trying to get to the first page on Google without Search Engine Optimization, is like trying to play golf without lessons. It just doesn’t work the way you expected it. Instead of trying to learn it all just get the experts to do your SEO for you. That’s us of course!

Search Engine Optimization in South Africa

You want more traffic to your website. Who doesn’t!

Everyone who has ever created a website has had that moment where their website was live and launched and they were waiting for lots of visitors to start streaming in and then… nothing. All you hear is the sound of crickets.

Where did you go wrong? Your site looks amazing, and it has all the relevant info your customers need etc. So why isn’t Google sending it to everyone? The answer is 2x fold. Competition and no one knows you yet. Well at least in the eyes of Google no one knows you yet.

That’s where SEO comes in. We will help your website gain more relevance in Google’s eys as well as more links from other authority sites, as these count as votes of confidence in your website and brand for Google and other search engines.

SEO Services

Keyword Research

Before we can do anything, we need to understand what people are searching for, and how often. We do a thorough review of the key phrases you are currently targeting with your website as well as what your competitors are using and create a shortlist of easy, medium and difficult keywords to target.

Article/Blog Writing

Having captivating, interesting, well written articles or pages is crucial in order to show Google and other search engines that you are relevant. We do the research, write the article or page for you and post it straight to your website. Once this is published our job is to get other websites to link to it to strengthen its power even more.

Link Building

Creating great content is only 1/2 of the game in SEO. To really rise above the rest, you need to have other websites with authority talk about you and link to your website. This sounds like hard work and it is, so we handle this for you. You can just sit back and see the links and traffic rolling in.


Of course you would like to know how all these various activities are doing for you, so we keep track of your rankings and and report on the links we have built as well as how your traffic is improving. If we can show you that our efforts are working and your are getting more traffic then that means we are fulfilling our purpose!

Guiding You For Success

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Search Engine Optimization specifcially for your website. Everyone deserves a chance to get some traffic and so do you.

Success Stories

Thank you so very much Webfanatix! My business website turned out exactly the way I envisioned it. I absolutely love the product and services I received from you. Many Thanks for all your patience with my endless questions. The professionalism and service delivery is outstanding! Your company definitely comes highly recommended by me!

Fathima Hajee

Luminous Living

Webfanatix has been unbelievable since day one. They are extremely professional, friendly and always eager to assist. They get the job done fast and efficiently, are easy to work with and understand our company’s needs. They pay attention to detail and are always very accommodating with our many requests. Webfanatix makes my job so much easier. They make a dynamic team and are without a doubt experts in their field. Johan is definitely running a slick operation.


Brookdale Health Hydro

“YOU OKES NAILED IT” I would like to thank the team at Webfanatix. From my initial discussion to the final product, your organisation delivered on all levels. You understood my vision and converted that into a world class website.

Donovan Raman

Ephephile Travel

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