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WordPress 3.5 Update

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Wordpress 3.5 Logo

Default Theme: Wordpress now comes with a new standard default theme, theme 2012. Is it great, not by a long shot, but its a great start for anyone new to WordPress. Then you can get sunk into a really challenging theme.

Responsive Theme: (AKA – Mobile Friendly) The 2012 Theme which is installed as default has a responsive theme design allowing for mobile functionality. See below for some interesting facts on Mobile consumer interaction stats:


Media Uploader: The media uploader has been overhauled to be a much more functional system that not only allows multi image uploading now. But a gallery interface that is easy to use and simple to create.

Not only has all these cool things been changed, now you can edit your uploads right within wordpress itself.

oEmbeds: WordPress now allows an Iframe functionality principle where you can add the code from the site you are trying to take content from and WordPress automatically populates content. A great tool for anyone looking to host videos etc

That’s it for now on this update, we are certainly happy and are confident it will make our job of Web Designing much easier. Let us know what you think.

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