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Why Your Small Business Should Get a Wix Website

The general misconception is that only big enterprises need websites and that consumers do not visit the websites of small businesses, which is not valid. Nowadays, most business transactions happen online with little face to face interaction between companies and consumers. A website builds your online presence and helps you engage potential customers faster. In addition, customers would consider you more credible and professional if you have one. Several companies provide web development services. One of such companies is Wix. Wix is a publicly listed cloud-based web development company. Users can create functional web and mobile sites using drag and drop tools. Learn why your small business needs a Wix website.

Why Your Small Business Should Get a Wix Website

Other companies such as WordPress offer similar web development services. So why should you choose a Wix website with so many varying options? When put in close comparison, there are some features that Wix has that WordPress does not, which makes the Wix website more advantageous. Some of the benefits of using Wix include.

The Wix free plan

Wix allows small business owners to sign up for free website plans without requiring credit card details. The free package, although limited, offers the tools you need to build a professional website. Small businesses can enhance their online presence by taking advantage of this service. The free Wix plan allows you to either create a single page portfolio or a multiple page website with full e-commerce features.

Customisable features that fit any budget

There is a package to fit every budget, and users can own websites without breaking the bank. The premium Wix offer starts at $4.50 a month. The plan gives you the flexibility to upgrade depending on the additional features you may need. Rather than owning several different websites for each of your small businesses, business owners can create multiple websites under the same account. This feature makes managing each business website easier. Compared to WordPress, Wix is cheaper because it offers all tools in a single monthly plan meaning there is no need to purchase additional features separately.

Ease of use

Wix is easier to use than most web development services. Building a fully functional website on Wix doesn’t require codes, making it easy for almost anyone to customise a website for their small business. Web designers use drag and drop tools to facilitate the creation and customisation of the website. Some users may prefer to add personal elements to the overall web design. You can do this by fully customising the design templates Wix offers. You may use the artificial design intelligence feature that designs a website for you. Small businesses can also benefit from e-commerce templates and plugins such as WooCommerce and various payment gateways.

In conclusion, Wix is a better alternative for small businesses owners with no knowledge of codes. Of course, a premium package would grant you access to more sophisticated features, but a free Wix plan is enough to get you started.

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