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Why you need a website support plan

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Once your new website has been built and sent live, the usual natural response for most people is to go have a look at it, tell all their friends about it, share it on Facebook etc.

This new excitement only lasts about a week and then most business owners get back to their regular routines and simply forget about the new website completely. That is, until someone notifies them it is down, or broken or not working!

So what should you do once your website is launched?

The answer: Sign up for a Support Plan OR Marketing Plan!

No seriously, I am not just saying this to sell our services. Life is busy enough as it is, but being a business owner, you know that you have a whole other level of business that applies to you. You wear many hats and do about a million things every day, so it is no wonder that your website will be neglected.

A website should be an ever changing, ever evolving thing, that you constantly feed with new information and improve on and expand. Nothing in this universe can be left as is without any change for long, and if left alone, it will perish eventually. Imagine a house that is abandoned, how long do you think it will keep standing if nobody mends it or lives in it. It might not even be that there are any natural disasters hitting it, but I guarantee you that it won’t stay standing for more than a couple of centuries (depending on the materials of course). Eventually it will fade and so will your website and the leads you generate from it.

At the very least you should have your web designer on a monthly support plan so he can make continuous backups of the site for you, or make little tweaks when needed or add that new blog post for you. As a business owner this should never be your job. The money you might save will never equate the time lost and for a business owner time = money.

What should you be doing with your website on a continuous basis?

  1. Drive traffic to it

  2. Keep your traffic better engaged and improve the chances of them contacting you.

To do 1 above is simple, simply start with an ad campaign or an email campaign, or start sharing your blog articles on Facebook. Whatever excuse you can find to talk about something and share it on your website and then on other channels. This should be what you are doing on a weekly basis. If you are not getting leads or sales on your site then this will be the no.1 reason why. There is simply no traffic.

To do 2 above you will need to be more creative. you might need to link some type of automation to your website, or look at doing automated emails, or simply optimize the user experience on your website. You will most certainly need the help of your designer/developer with this part in most instances.

If you do these 2x things effectively, your website will not just be something you revisit every 2x years to simply improve the look and feel of it. It will be the best tool in your marketing arsenal.

Webfanatix can help you keep your website up to date as well as help you drive traffic to it, and keep it. Contact us any time to see how we can help you with this.

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