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Why content writing is so important for your website SEO

For anyone who owns and runs a website, I am beyond certain that your number one goal is to get as many people streaming into your website as possible. Now, what makes that possible is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is simply not possible without well-structured and engaging content.

Content writing makes use of SEO-required keywords that make your website visible on several search engines. It also plays a vital role in helping you create a readership and keeping them engaged because nobody wants to read a confusing and boring website with terribly structured content.

SEO requires strategic use of keywords and search phrases

SEO works by making use of specific words and/or phrases in order to rank or bring up your website in search results when these keywords are searched for by a user online. It takes a good content writer who is strategic in his approach to carry out the research required to find good keywords and properly use these words to create plagiarism-free content.

How to maximise keywords and search phrases

  • Your URL and title tag must contain the keywords and particular phrases important to the topic of the search.

  • The first 100 words of your page should have all strategic keywords and search phrases for better visibility.

  • Your first heading must also be search engine royalty. Your main heading is what gets the reader to stay. If your heading can keep them, the rest of the page content won't. Your heading should contain keywords to be considered search engine material.

  • Your second heading should compliment the first heading, the only thing better than strategic keywords and search phrases is more keywords and search engine phrases.

Remember, the goal is to get visibility and have all possible keywords in your first 100 words and still maintain good content without being boring and obnoxious. You don't want the keyword targeting to be too obvious. Create good content, get good visibility.

Gaining a readership and public verification

It’s one thing to get readers to your website, it's an entirely different thing to get a user to actually read, understand, comment, and commend your content. You want to aim high as a website owner and the way to do that is to get good reviews. You only get a good reviews and comments with excellent content.

Backlinks are only achievable with quality content

Simply put, backlinks are links from other websites, that help boost the rankings of your site. Search engines such as Google make use of backlinks to rank search positions and determine valuable content for browsers. Competition is fierce, so in order to naturally obtain backlinks from other blogs and websites, you need to write content that is super useful, not only to your potential customers but to other parallel businesses in your market too.

Site rating and personal links

Google makes use of your content and website reviews in order to rate your website. Search engines use web crawlers that scan your site and each page is rated based on what Google determines to be worthy and usable content for the end-user. It is not possible to get a good rating without quality content and without quality content, you won't get good reviews. So it all starts with the content as you can see.

Good content positions your site in authority

You want your website to be the go-to site when anyone has any questions that concern your niche. You also want your website to be amongst the first three sites to pop up when a search is carried out because those are the sites that get the most clicks. Nobody scrolls all the way down to all the other sites because Google already decided they’re not good enough.

In a nutshell, every website requires quality content writing for proper visibility and readership. If you are going to have a business and attempt to succeed in your niche, why not be the best? you need to get professional content writing for your site. If you need help with this, let us know and we can create a content strategy for your website.

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