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Website Design in South Africa is Shocking!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

web design in south africa is shocking

So why is web design in South Africa so shocking?

I spent some time thinking about this and the only conclusions I could come to was that as usual South Africa and Africa are simply just behind the times or that most business owners simply don’t care and just want a “quick thing”. So many times I’ve heard clients or potential clients say:”I jut want something basic” or “I just want something cheap”. Why would you sell your self short like that? Your website is supposed to be the online reflection of your business and you just want it to be basic?! No wonder the economy is the way it is. We at Webfanatix believe that your website should be beautiful and impress people right away. And it isn’t budget that usually restricts companies from putting something proper up, but rather a total apathy towards the importance of correctly marketing their business.

Hey we are artists so of course we are very opinionated, but what is your opinion? We’d love to hear it!

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to give you a free assessment of your website’s design and performance.

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