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SEO – How do I get my website on the first page on Google?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What is SEO?

So SEO(search engine optimization) is just the exploitation of the ways in which Google or other search engines display information. Like back links from creditable websites, keywords in your content and links and how many times those keywords appear, as well as where those keywords appear. Plus there is the added variable of competition. Even if you have a totally unique product, you probably have some competition out there on the web, because although your product might be unheard of, the chances are good that someone has talked about the problem it solves on the internet somewhere, or talked about something similar. The less competitive your market the easier it is for you to see the results of SEO, or the more likely it will be to see any result without SEO. SEO is more than just finding tricks to fool Google(indecently Google is making it harder and harder every day to try and fool them). It requires a strategy and is not dissimilar from normal marketing practices. Just like a offline business would, your online marketing strategy should consist of Advertising, PR, Marketing Material and Publications. The way these are used or work just differs slightly to conventional methods.

So how do I get my website on the first page on Google?

Now I know you thought this article was going to give you the secret to getting to the first page of Google, and in actual fact it does, but it might not be the answer you were looking for. The secret simply is to get someone knowledgeable to do it for you. That is the key! As a business owner you simply do not have the time to mess around with SEO. You need to be concentrating on running your business, and marketing it. Although SEO is a marketing exercise, we would exclude it from conventional marketing and advise any business to outsource this or hire a professional. If you are already knowledgeable, and we mean truly knowledgeable, in this field then you are probably already doing SEO in a professional capacity. If you truly want to increase your rankings and drive traffic to your site then you should get a professional and reliable SEO company to help do this for you. Feel free to contact Webfanatix for a quote in this regard.

We hope this article and the video was useful and informative. Feel free to contact us or post a comment if you have questions. Like the article? then don’t forget to share!

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