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Responsive Website Design South Africa – Get Ready for the Future Now

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


For example, anyone viewing a website on an iPhone or any other Smartphone views the same content appearing on the website, which another individual browsing the same website using a desktop PC is seeing although the presentation is a little mobile friendly. A mobile website is a little lightweight and appears better on a Smartphone’s small screen while the full website version maintains its additional design features, including any other left out website parts.

Responsive website vital

Every professional in knows how vital responsive websites are today. Firstly, there are a huge number of browsers for the web entering the market with display dimensions very diverse. Static layouts were tolerable in the past but today they are no longer enough and are incapable of accommodating the increasing number of modern devices entering the market more than ever before. These include tablets, diverse computer desktops, game or TV console browses and mobile devices, all of which indicate there is a growing need of finding a responsive and fluid layout for basically every emerging device that comes with web viewing functionality.

Great benefits

Responsive web design is advantageous for a number of reasons. User experience is enhanced meaning a website will adjust to every screen size the user is browsing through. With the huge plethora of mobile devices, it is the best long term solution. The elements that might not be important for mobile users are hidden so that browsing a website becomes easier and faster.

At the same time, responsive web design allows for a single yet complete view for basically all the traffic a website is receiving. All the traffic data to a site is consolidated in a single place.

With a responsive design, there is no need of using more money to create a separate mobile site as used to happen in the past. The website owner basically invests in a single website with all the responsive features that cover every base effectively.

Perhaps a very important advantage of using a responsive design is the effect it has on SEO. Essentially, the entire link juice, from Page Authority to PageRank is accumulated by a single URL. SEO efforts are merged on a single version and not in multiple versions of a single website as was the case in the past.

Each web design South Africa service today has to adopt responsive web design for the sake of the client. It is a very new technique of designing websites that every website owner in SA also requires. This helps users to find the site through whatever device they are on, whether it is a Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop.

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