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Our Favourite WordPress Themes

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We have built hundreds of website using WordPress and have hundreds of satisfied clients. We primarily use WordPress because it’s the easiest Content Management System we’ve come across and our clients are able to easily customize and update their websites on their own.

We basically have WordPress down to an art and over the years we have learnt which themes worked best for our clients’ needs. The correct theme is key to great WordPress web design. Today we’re going to discuss which themes we prefer and what the benefit for each one is.

1. Divi

On top our list is Divi by Elegant Themes. Divi comes with it’s own builder that is super easy to use. It is quickly becoming the leading WordPress Theme on the market. What’s really awesome about Divi is that it has a once off fee and requires no recurring costs. Most premium WordPress themes require a recurring fee. Divi has an annual fee of $89/Year and a once off fee of $249.

Divi is also the fastest WordPress themes we’ve ever worked with.

There are over 180 layouts to choose from which we commonly use for our template website packages.

Elegant Themes have launched a marketplace entirely dedicated to Divi. There is a wide range of plugins, templates and child themes making Divi far more flexible and customizable.

2. Flatsome

When it comes to ecommerce websites Flatsome is basically our go-to theme.

Similar to Divi, Flatsome has it’s own page builder called UX Builder which is super easy and flexible. Flatsome was created for both ecommerce and brochure websites and it’s by far our favourite theme for ecommerce websites.

Flatsome also comes with template designs and the UX Builder comes with easy to use modules for Woocommerce (a WordPress plugin used to create ecommerce sites). This makes it easy for us to create stunning and fast ecommerce websites.

3. BeTheme

BeTheme comes with over 500 prebuilt websites. It’s very flexible and works beautifully with the WP Bakery webpage builder, we also built beautiful and flexible ecommerce site using BeTheme.

BeTheme is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the Themeforest marketplace. It offers a wide range of features, beautiful design, and easy customization.

BeTheme comes with Muffin Builder which is an easy to use page layout builder. We’re able to use a nifty graphical user interface to create a layout for any page on your website. Using Muffin Builder we can create unique layouts for your landing pages.

4. The 7

The 7 comes with a Design Wizard – a tool that helps us calculate ideal values for your website’s design. It also has over 630 options we can use to fit your needs.

The 7 is fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. The 7 is also easy for us to optimize and make your website run fast which is optimal for your Google.

The 7’s developers strongly took into consideration to make this theme compatible with some of the most popular WordPress plugins. It’s not uncommon for a WordPress plugin to break a website because it wasn’t compatible with it’s theme. As far as I’ve worked with The 7, I have never had plugin compatibly issues.

5. MyListing

MyListing is by the best theme that comes to creating a directory website.

We have used MyListing to create a number of directory websites, whether you have a franchise or you want to have people pay you to list their business on your site, MyListing can easily do that for you.

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