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How to use backlinks to boost your SEO

We often find that we need to explain the basics of how Google ranks websites and how SEO works before we really have a client's attention. If they do not understand the basics then it becomes very difficult for them to see that SEO is very important to their website and that the actions we can take to improve their SEO will actually work. So let me first explain the basic 2 factors that Google considers when trying to rank any page.

Keyword Relevancy

Relevancy simply means that your website is talking about the keywords you want to target in a natural way. If your website doesn't have pages that are specific to the keywords that you want to show up for in searches then you simply have 0% chance of ranking for those terms.

For instance, if you are a plumber and you want to rank for 'Drain Cleaning' you better have a page called 'Drain Cleaning' or an article talking about 'Drain Cleaning' and mentioning the term in the title and the content of the page.

To create more relevancy for our clients' sites we create new pages or blog articles where they need them. This is standard as part of our SEO packages normally.


If 2 pages had very similar content from 2 different sites and they were both equally relevant for the same keyword, how would Google decide which would be first in the search results? The answer is backlinks.

A backlink is simply a link from another website to your own website that acts as a vote of confidence in your site. Google's analogy is that other sites would only link to your website if they felt your website had important or relevant content. They also prefer that the sites linking to your site are relevant to your industry too and talk about your keywords.

Now getting links like these sound easy enough, but in reality, this is the hardest part of SEO. Sure, you could get some links from business directories and there would be some relevant content on their pages as your competitors would probably be listed somewhere around the same pages as you, but there are only so many opportunities like these around.

To have absolutely relevant links you would need to get your competitors to link to you, which is also pretty impossible, because why would they want to help you if you are their competition?

In some niches, you could do outreach campaigns to blog sites or other content creators that are already creating content about your industry and ask them for a link or to exchange links. This can be very time-consuming though.

Luckily we have a way to create many high authority links from niche relevant blogs fast and efficiently so that our client's websites get more and more authority flowing down to their pages every month.

In fact, we never create only one or 2 or even 3 links at a time. Instead, we create 4500+ links in a 3 tiered page structure, all niche and keyword relevant and flowing down towards your site with about 300+ direct links. All this from just one campaign and we usually do a minimum of 2 of these per month.

The result is quite powerful and gets the needle moving fast.

Below is a video on how exactly we combine good content with the backlinks as well as a bit of a visual of what the links might look like etc.

We hope this explanation helps shed a little bit of light on the basics of SEO and how our SEO services work. Obviously, there is more to this subject, way more, but this should give anyone the basic understanding.

If you need help with your own SEO then please reach out to our team at

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