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Help, my website isn’t working!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

“My website isn’t working!” is probably the most common statement we get from our customers at Webfanatix, and is the no. 1 problem we are always looking to solve for them. It is the only measure of our worth as an agency and the actual valuable final product that we can exchange for money, goodwill etc. When we can turn this statement into: “My website now does what I want it to” or “My website now brings me more business”, then we know we have truly solved the problem.

Your website isn’t working. So how do we solve the problem?

Well, every situation would be different, but basically we would break it down into a few simple steps:

  1. Fact finding

  2. Strategy & Solution

  3. Sale/contract

  4. Implementation

  5. Review & Optimisation

Fact Finding

Before we can tell you how to solve the problem we need to understand it ourselves. We need to gather as much information from you as possible so we can make the right decisions in terms of what solutions to provide. We have to find the real “why”, of why your website is not performing as expected. The best solutions are made with the most accurate and relevant data. So your initial contact with our agents will most likely involve a lot of questions and getting to know your company.

Strategy & Solution

Now that we hopefully understand your website we can advise you on what the correct solution would be to handle your particular problem with your website. These solutions can vary again, but will most likely be a combination of:

  1. Existing site tweaks and changes

  2. Entire website redesign

  3. Strategy shift or suggestions

  4. Pay per click marketing campaigns

  5. Adjusting or fixing existing campaigns so they are more effective.

  6. Content strategies


Once presented with the solutions, the next obvious part would be to get your commitment, or a contract signed, or deposit paid etc. to secure our services and start the implementation process.


This basically means we start doing what we suggested as the solution. E.g. we redesign the site, or we set up the PPC campaign, or fix the existing campaign etc.

Review & Optimisation

Because online marketing is a continuous action we should never consider that our work is done and that everything will just sail smoothly from here on out. Once we have a campaign running we will need to review it periodically and keep improving it so that we drive more and more business your way and do it more efficiently. This action usually is accompanied by some kind of a report every month to show you how we are doing.

Should we do the above steps properly and correctly we will very seldom find that a customer wants to cancel our services, and we will also know exactly the level of service and solution we offer. The proof will be in the stats and the better we perform the more our clients will want to take on. It’s really a win-win situation, because our clients will be winning and so will we.

If you need help with your website, or need some advise, feel free to contact us any time.

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