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e-Commerce is still growing in 2021

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

With South Africa riding another wave of Covid-19 people are likely to retreat to their homes again and go out less for shopping. This means that e-Commerce sales will most likely continue to grow in 2021. The last 2 years have seen incredible growth in this industry worldwide. As demonstrated by these charts from Statistica, the overall percentage of E-commerce retail sales have certainly grown in the last few months, accounting for 16% of sales in the US in Q2 2020.

Equally, the overall percentage of E-commerce retail sales in the UK has continued to rise to nearly a third of all retail in the UK in May 2020 – it has since decreased slightly, but it will be interesting to follow this trend over this year, the holiday season, and into next year.

This is all very exciting for those businesses that take advantage of these trends and get their e-Commerce stores up and running fast if they haven’t already. Similarly people who are at home will be more likely to make improvements to their homes and gardens so service based businesses are likely to see an increase in leads generated online.

If you need help getting or promoting an online store or digital presence for your business then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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