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Branding and logo design are not the same thing

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Very often a designer is met with a client who wants a logo for their business, product of service. This often leads the client to the idea that you’re there to help brand their product. This is all valid if you’re a branding agency but it’s important to know that there is a difference between logo design and branding. Even if you’re a branding agent or not.

Although a logo is part of a brand, it should never be confused with a brand.

A logo puts a face on a brand, but a brand is something that tells who you are, what you do and explains all the details related to those services and convictions. And is this done through a website, customer service, print collateral or the experience the clients has with the company. And even through marketing efforts.

You will find many branding agencies render the services of making these communication channels possible for their clients.

Most of these communication channels will come after a logo is finalized, a logo exists in the midst of all of it but it’s not the brand. It just represents the company, business or service. Yes, a logo is part of the brand but a logo doesn’t tell the full story and nor should it.

Therefore a logo is not a brand, but a logo is most definitely key of any brand.

Logo design is all about developing and creating an engaging personality through visual identity.

When done well it will effectively represent and communicate your client’s brand to their audience.

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