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20 ways to increase your website traffic

It’s important to have a very strong online presence when it comes to your online business.

Here are 20 ways you can increase your website traffic.

There are probably 100’s of ways you could increase the traffic to your website.

Here are just a few the most common ways:

1. Send your friends the link (very often overlooked). Your friends and family are your power base and they should be the first place you need to look when you want to get traffic or sales.

2. Social Media. Start by sharing your site on social media. Create a Facebook page and start promoting this to your friends.

3. Create a Google Maps Business Listing. Yet another way that you can start to get free traffic.

4. Add your company and website to as many free and local business directories as you can find online.

5. Find conversations on social media about your subject matter and slip in your link if it is relevant and it helps.

6. Use Quora to answer questions and slip in your link if it is relevant and actually could be an answer to the question or relates in some way.

7. Write great content that is relevant to the keywords that people will be searching for on Google. Make sure that each page you create answers the query or question that people might potentially be writing in their search. Then create as much of this content as you can for as many keywords as you can.

8. Create a blog. In your blog you have another opportunity to create great content that solves problems or is an answer to an actual question.

9. Pay an SEO expert to do search engine optimization for you. You could also learn to do this yourself, but I’m trying to keep these answers as real as possible and the fact is that it would take very long to become an expert and I’m sure you are not willing to wait that long.

10. Get lots of backlinks that are niche relevant and safe. You can use LinkDaddy to get started. They have a free campaign: (

11. Boost your Domain Authority or DR score. This. is most effective when you already have a bunch of keywords that you are starting to rank for, but not all of them are on the first page. LinkDaddy can get your DR score up to 30 minimum: (

12. Run Google Ads. You could try this yourself, but again this is something that is usually better done by an expert since you could potentially blow a bunch of money on it with no results to show.

13. Run FB ads. Again you could try it out yourself, but if you don’t get results, then you should just get help from an expert.

14. Create a mailing list and send out emails. The FB ads can help with creating your list. You can get quite complicated with this and create funnels and offer lead magnets and such, but the main thing to focus on is to grow your list and send as many emails as you can. Yes people will unsubscribe, don’t worry about that. you need to get your message out often and I would advise an email every day or every 3 days to someone who signed up is totally fine.

15. Billboards. You might need to test the effectiveness of billboards and perhaps a couple of locations too, but it is still a legitimate way of getting traffic. People are stuck in traffic every morning and if your billboard is the only reading material around they are very likely to check out your site.

16. Snail mail. If your country has an effective postal service then this can be a great way to get traffic. There are ways to do it right though and you should focus on getting a response from the snail mail. Some companies put in a very small item or trinket in the mail. A more bulky envelope has a much higher chance of actually being opened. You can get really creative with this.

17. Vehicle Branding can also be a good way to get noticed on the roads or in parking lots.

18. Business cards. You talk to people every day and you can hand out your card when you do and make sure it has a QR code on it.

19. Flyers are very old school, but there is something about physical distribution that tends to have a bit of magic. I always find that I get some kind of response back from the universe when I do physical forms of outflow. Like a vacuum is being created that then pulls in some business.

20. Keep looking for more ways. I honestly ran out of things to think about and I wanted it to end on a round number :)

I’m sure you can think of lots more ideas if you just put your mind to it. Contact us if you need help.

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