The end of the year isn’t the end of the world!

Most people and companies seem to think that the end of the year is the perfect excuse to close down earlier and cut back on production and marketing as there will probably be no need for it.  “Everyone else is closing early!”


This year we’ve done the opposite and with alarming results.  Instead of lazing around and waiting for X-mas we’ve decided to throw more coal at our marketing minions. In fact there seems to be even more urgency to get your company’s website up and going this month than ever before.

We are seeing a 20% increase in responses from our email marketing compared to a month or so before.

Unfortunately we need to give our development minions a rest some time so Webfanatix will be closing between 23 Dec 2010 and 3 Jan 2010, so if still want to get your site up you still have time.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote… and hurry!

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