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Marketing was the main purpose behind getting your website in the first place, but just having it doesn’t guarantee visitors and sales. That’s where we come in to turn your website from a white elephant into leads machine.

You deserve traffic to your site and lots of it.

According to popular belief, most businesses fail because of under-capitalisation, but this is not entirely accurate. Most businesses fail simply because they cannot effectively market themselves and sell enough of their products and services. The assumption is based on the idea that you need large amounts of funds in order to effectively market a new business. In the modern age though this is not entirely accurate and many small businesses can get off to a flying start with very small budgets.

It is most certainly possible to create an affordable, effective online marketing campaign that delivers results, and we would like to help you achieve this for your business. We want nothing more than to see our clients’ businesses grow and continuously expand and is our main purpose for starting Webfanatix in the first place.

There are many various ways in which you can promote your business online. The Good News Is, We Know What Works.

Most Online Marketing Campaigns Would Consist Of One Or More Of the Services Listed Below


Landing Page Design

All effective marketing campaigns need a stable point to send traffic to and that stable point us usually a landing page.

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A landing page is a page where you send traffic to directly and is not your home page usually. Most websites are designed with the idea that most people would arrive on your home page and then move on to other pages from there, and eventually reach your contact form. 

A landing page is a page that tries to shorten this natural flow, but giving the user all the info he needs and strongly encourages him to take action by filling in a form or making contact etc.

It is an essential part, especially if you are running online ads, so that you can get immediate results or leads, without having people get loast on your website somewhere.


We know how daunting it might feel for some to write content for their website, and that is exactly why you shouldn’t have to.

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Take the stress out of creating your website, by leaving it to the pros. Our copywriters will duplicate your vision exactly and create a literary masterpiece, that not only communicates well to your clients, but plays to your strengths on search engine results too. This means website copy that humans and Google like and understand, translating into a steady flow of traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

We refer here to the organic marketing efforts of your social media accounts. (this excludes ads). These type of campaigns would usually be more PR based than straight hard selling marketing.

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These types of campaigns are usually best managed in house by your PR representatives, but some small business might need help creating a strategy or just understanding how it all works and this is where our PR experts can help.

Pay Per Click Marketing (Ads)

Online ads are the most effective and fastest way to start generating leads immediately, with minimal effort. These types of ads would traditionally be either Google Ads, Facebook Ads or even LinkedIn Ads.

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Ad campaigns can be set up really quickly and you can have leads coming in within a day sometimes.

We have lots of experience in setting up ad campaigns that are effective and growing them over time.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO should always be your long term plan for total online dominance. It focuses more on content creation and getting your website’s rankings up in the search results on Google and Bing etc.

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This is an ongoing action that requires content writing and a proper strategy. This type of marketing achieves results slower, but can be more powerful than your ad campaigns over time saving you money and ensuring your dominance.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting

An effective marketing campaign needs to be measurable in order for you to know if it is effective or not. That’s why we always ensure we can track key statistics like forms submitted on a website or calls from numbers on the website etc.

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Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google, by which you can see certain statistics relating to the traffic on your website. Like how many people visited your site, what pages they went to, which pages they left from, where did they come from et. etc.

It is a very valuable tool that we use extensively for the clients we do online marketing for.

Email Marketing

Once you have started generating traffic to your website, you need to start focussing on user retention and the easiest way to keep users coming back to your website is to use a properly executed email marketing campaign.

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The key is to start building a list, by offering your users something of value in exchange for their email address. Once you have a decent sized list the possibilities are endless.

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