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Getting your online store set up is easier than ever if you know the right team 😉

Online shopping is growing fast and you should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

With traditional shopping experiences leaving customers frustrated and unsatisfied, because of poor customer service, it is no wonder that so many people are going online to do their shopping. No cues, no rude clerks, no sales person jumping on you, no heavy bags to carry around, no hungry kids annoying you, no walking around endlessly trying to find what you want. It is shopping the way the you want it and you never have to leave your house.

Although it makes everything easier for the customer, it actually makes it tougher for the merchant to now earn his business. It is tough to provide the same level of service online as in store. It is more difficult to make your products real to your buyers. All you have is visual media to try and communicate your product and its benefits across. It can also be quite confusing for non-technical people to get their online store set up in the first place.

So creating an online store takes some actual effort and know-how and you will likely need a web design company to help you and guide you through the process. We have been building eCommerce websites for over 9 years and understand the processes and what it takes to make a successful online business. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation.


 Getting An eCommerce Website Set Up Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We Know What You Need.

Even If You Don’t Yet 😉


Brochure Websites

A brochure website is your typical style of website that ranges anywhere from 3 – 20 pages, and provides all the information about your products and services that your clients would need to make a decision.

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Just because it is the entry level basic starting point for most businesses, does not mean it has to be dull and boring. Our brochure sites always excite and surpass even our customers’ expectations.

These types of websites typically would have a blog or a news area, contact forms, links to your social media channels and email newsletter signup forms. We also provide amazing stock images for those businesses who don’t have their own images to use.

eCommerce/Online Store Websites

An eCommerce website is any website where you accept payments directly on the website (credit/debit cards) for products and services.

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Typical examples of eCommerce websites are online clothing stores, online electronics stores, online gift stores or online florists etc.

An eCommerce website doesn’t need to sell only physical products. For example an online job portal could ask a fee for listing jobs, or an online music store can sell downloadable MP3’s.

Whatever the eCommerce requirement, we can build it and maintain it for you as well, to help you take your transacting 100% online.

Website Hosting

Every website needs a stable place to live so that it is live 24/7. Our website hosting is reliable and affordable and includes email hosting as well.

Custom Website Development

Sometimes there are no out of the box plugins or easy solutions for your website idea and you need to create something very specific to your needs. Finding a good programmer/developer can be tricky and choosing a sweatshop in India(yes these really exist) can be disastrous.

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Luckily you don’t have to get 100’s of quotations or get 50 referrals from someone who know’s a guy. Our development team is experienced and has worked on projects big and small and know how to get the job done right the first time. The secret is understanding your needs exactly first and then maintaining good communication throughout the process.

eLearning Websites

Online learning has become very popular worldwide, as brick and mortar based education systems face more challenges every year with declining pass rates and an inibility to keep students engaged.

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Online learning is also very convenient and requires less infrastructure and overheads to deliver than traditional education systems. 

Contact us today if you wish to create an engaging online learning system for your students in the modern age.

Logo Design

Your brand needs a slick professional looking logo and if we are going to be creating a gorgeous website for you then we need to ensure that your logo can keep up with it.

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Let us know if you are looking to revamp your logo, or if you are a startup, get us to design your logo for you, before your brother in law does, and you just feel too bad to tell him you don’t like it. Don’t laugh, we hear this all the time.


We know how daunting it might feel for some to write content for their website, and that is exactly why you shouldn’t have to.

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Take the stress out of creating your website, by leaving it to the pros. Our copywriters will duplicate your vision exactly and create a literary masterpiece, that not only communicates well to your clients, but plays to your strengths on search engine results too. This means website copy that humans and Google like and understand, translating into a steady flow of traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics on all our website’s so that you never have to guess who is coming to your website, or if they are coming to your website at all.

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Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google, by which you can see certain statistics relating to the traffic on your website. Like how many people visited your site, what pages they went to, which pages they left from, where did they come from et. etc.

It is a very valuable tool that we use extensively for the clients we do online marketing for.

Domain Registration

Every website starts with a domain name, and we can help you register and keep yours year after year.

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