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App Development Company in South Africa

Get A Cost For your App Development Project

We create custom iOS, Android, and Web applications to your exact specification.

Do you have a great idea for a Mobile or Web-Based App?

Having a great idea for a mobile or web-based app is one thing, but executing it and making it a reality is a totally different kettle of fish. That's where we come in to help you get your idea out of your mind and into the hands of the consumer.

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Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

What are the steps to getting a successful app built?


This is the most important step because app development costs quite a bit more than web design. So you have to have some plan to fund your project before you even start. This might sound a little backward but we have seen time and time again that only ideas with a substantial source of funding ever even make it to the prototype stage. To even contemplate ever starting a project you should have a bare minimum of at least R200,000 available to fund your MVP. (Minimum Viable Product) You don't need to have an exact budget to start with, but if you have the confidence that you can raise a substantial amount of funds for your project if needed then your are setting yourself up for succsess.


Once the SOW (scope of work) and wireframes have been created, we will be able to give you a very accurate cost for your mobile or web-based application. Even if you decide not to use us for your project, you can take our SOW and wireframes to any other development company and they should be able to give you a very accurate cost too. Typically app development costs get broken into phases of payment such as an initial deposit and then monthly progress payments.


A scope of work is really just a document of an exact plan of what you want to build. Wireframes are the blueprints of your app, which show a rough idea of the different screens your app should have and the general user journey. Most successful apps start with a planning phase where these two components are created. Without these, your project's cost might keep changing as more and more pitfalls are discovered along the way. Just like you wouldn't get a builder to build a house without the architectural drawings, you should not start building a complex app without doing the scope of work and wireframes first. Luckily we can help you with these two crucial planning steps.


Once you approve the cost and pay your deposit the development will kick off. In the first couple of weeks, there is typically not much to show yet since a lot of the work is done on behind-the-scenes code. But rest assured we will keep you in the loop on all the work done and we will be keeping ourselves accountable for reaching the targets we set out to complete in our SOW fully and on time.



Although there will be continuous testing throughout the project, near the end of the project the most time is allocated to this, where you as the client will also be expected to thoroughly test your app and make sure that it meets your expectations.

Once everything is as you had hoped and the work is signed off your app is ready to get published and taken live. This typically means it gets posted to the iOS and Android app stores or in the case of a web-based app it will be posted online on a hosting server with a live website address. Your app is done typically our customers start an ongoing retainer with us to continue to add new features to their app or to simply give them ongoing technical support.

Guiding You For Success

Getting a mobile or web app developed can seem daunting, but with our help and guidance, it will feel seamless, and soon you will be able to focus on promoting your app without the worry of all the technical details.

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