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About Webfanatix

Webfanatix is the web design & online marketing division of Pixolv PTY LTD, a digital solutions company, with the aim of solving businesses’ problems through the use of technology.  We offer a professional, top quality service to get you and your business online and winning clients with the least amount of fuss, followed by support and services according to your specific needs.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing  is Centered Around You – The Client.

If our client’s win lots of business and grow then we grow. If our client’s don’t win then nobody wins. We believe in paying it forward and delivering an ethical service that is an actual service. There are very few businesses in the world today that can say that they always deliver more than what was expected. This is called exchange in abundance.

Exchange in abundance means you give way more to your customers than what they are actually paying for. This does not mean we give our products & services away cheaper, but that we service our clients in a way that is greatly lacking out there in the world today. We always strive to give this type of exchange, where we not only deliver a product that is fair exchange for the money we receive, but that we deliver our products and services in such a way that our client’s truly feel serviced and beyond.

Our Awesome Team

Johan Marneweck

Johan Marneweck

Founder & CEO

If there ever was a face to innovative new thinking, cutting edge design and serious sales skills. There it is…. Johan is the boss, he drives all business coming in and makes sure the rest of us deliver on the Webfanatix promise. More than likely you will come into contact with him on most projects as he likes to make sure everything is running smoothly. The brains behind the Webfanatix operation with international experience and training, he’s the key man.

Challan Jarrett

Challan Jarrett

Production Manager

Challan is the main contact for any project and the planning mastermind. He keeps good communications going with all our clients and makes sure the rest of our team has what they need to deliver. He keeps the projects rolling and the clients happy and is an experienced marketer, web designer and graphic designer himself.

Shannon McDonald

Shannon McDonald

Online Marketing Specialist

Shannon is a super experienced Ads Manager, SEO Expert and general online marketer. He has been instrumental in the online growth of a few large corporations in the UK and has worked with many agencies. He eats, sleeps and breathes digital marketing and knows exactly how to squeeze conversions out of every last click to your website.

Dudley Louw

Dudley Louw

Web Developer

With problem solving skills in oversupply and one of the sharpest artistic eyes in the business, Dudley effortlessly combines the technical and aesthetic and brings them together in your next beautiful and feature rich web  based solution. You can rest assured that your requirements will be met in an efficient and visually pleasing way, making you look like a total rockstar!

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